The Little Beet - Founded in 2014 in New York City, The Little Beet ( is owned-and-operated by NYC-based restaurant group Aurify Brands. With multiple locations throughout Manhattan, Long Island, and Washington, DC, The Little Beet strives to serve real food deliciously. The veggie-forward, seasonal menu is 100% gluten-free, mostly vegan, always fresh, and void of refined sugar. The culinary team draws inspiration from global flavors and incorporates exciting, nutrient-rich ingredients into every tasty bite that benefit both body and mind. All ingredients are carefully sourced from local farmers and food purveyors you can trust—good food never tasted so great!


Chef Made

Yuzu Poké - $13.45
salmon poke´ (raw), basmati rice, vegan ranch slaw, sesame avocado, yuzu vinaigrette and pickled ginger

Brussel Hustle Bowl – $11.55
roasted chicken, field greens, shaved brussels sprouts, avocado bean dip, chimichurri sauce, pickled onions and super seeds (contains dairy)

Chef's Soup Bowl – $10.95
Butternut squash soup poured over roasted chicken, basmati rice, sautéed greens, super seeds and chimichurri sauce

Seasonal Bowl – $11.95
braised pork, basmati rice, roasted rainbow carrots, broccoli rabe, pickled onions and sweet chili garlic sauce

Junior Bowl – $7.95
charred broccoli, sweet potatoes and roasted chicken with chocolate milk or apple juice

1. Choose a Base

Basmati Rice
green herbs and garlic

Organic Quinoa
 job's tears & amaranth

Field Greens
lemon dressing

Don't want a base? Add an extra veggie.

2. Choose Two Veggies


beets & radicchio
goat cheese & pistachios

broccoli rabe
white beans & Calabrian chili peppers

shaved brussels sprouts
with pecorino cheese & cranberries

vegan ranch slaw
kelp, cabbage & carrots

add sesame Avocado - $2.50

2. Choose Two Veggies


sweet potatoes
olive oil & sea salt

charred broccoli
olive oil, salt & pepper

sautéed greens
chickpeas & golden raisins

delicata squash
honey vinegar & pecorino cheese

cup of butternut squash soup
coconut milk

roasted rainbow carrots
with leeks

3. Choose a Protein

salmon poké (raw) – $14.00

roasted chicken – $12.20

braised pork – $12.20

beet falafel – $11.90

sweet n spicy tofu – $11.90

BBQ Jackfruit – $11.90

just veggies – $8.95



chipotle aioli
think: spicy mayo

sweet chili garlic
think: homemade sriracha

turmeric tahini
think: tangy & creamy

think: green herbs

avocado bean dip
think: guacamole

beet hummus dip
think: hummus, but purple


pickled onions

pickled ginger

super seeds

turmeric almonds