The Cinnamon Snail - ( is one of the nation’s top-rated food trucks that shed its wheels to open their first stationary location in The Pennsy serving up vegan specialties. The Cinnamon Snail was born out of a vision from chef Adam Sobel to bring vegan food to street, and make it approachable and even crave-able to the mainstream non-veg eater, as well as die hard vegans.


Thai BBQ Tempeh - $12.00
With smoked chili roasted peanuts, pickled red onions, baby arugula & sriracha mayo on grilled spelt bread.

Thanksgiving Sandoo - $12.50
Porchini mushroom seitan and parsnip sage bread pudding, with cranberry orange relish, marinated kale & roasted garlic aioli on toasted baguette.

Maple Mustard Tempeh Sandwich - $10.75
On grilled spelt bread with roasted garlic aioli, marinated kale, tomato & onion.

Korean Barbeque Seitan - $11.25
With house made kimchi and greens, served open faced on a chili butter grilled tortilla.


Beastmode Burger Deluxe - $12.00
Ancho chili seitan burger grilled in maple hickory bbq sauce with jalapeno mac n cheese, arugula, smoked chili coconut bacon & chipotle mayo on a grilled pretzel bun. 

Tamarind Plum Glazed Lentil Burger - $12.00
With umeboshi plum marinated cucumbers, smoked chili roasted peanuts, baby arugula & wasabi mayo on a grilled pretzel bun.

Smoked Sage Seitan Burger - $12.00
Topped with sage seitan sausage baked ziti, with marinated kale, smoked chili coconut bacon, & roasted garlic aioli on a grilled pretzel bun. 

Salad & Entrees

House Salad - $12.00
Baby arugula, marinated kale, rosewater candied Italian pistachios, umeboshi plum marinated cucumbers, red onions, roasted lemon Dijon dressing. 

Rosemary Sunflower Crusted Tofu - $16.50
With creamy mashed potatoes, porchini mushroom dressing, parsnip sage bread pudding, marinated kale, coriander roasted sunflower seeds & roasted lemon Dijon dressing.

French Mustard Grilled Seitan - $15.50
With baked ziti, marinated kale, roasted garlic marinara & cashew cheese.


Creamy Mashed Potatoes - $5.75
With porchini mushroom sauce.

Baked Ziti - $6.00
With smoked sage seitan sausage & roasted garlic marinara. 

Kimchi Tater Tots – $6.00
With gochujang, scallions and sriracha mayo. 

Baked Cashew Cheese Tater Tots - $6.50
With toasted bread crumbs & roasted lemon Dijon dressing on the side.

Jalapeno Mac N Cheese - $5.50
With tapioca cheese & fresh minced jalapenos topped with toasted bread crumbs. 

Basic Mac N Cheese - $5.50
With tapioca cheese topped with toasted bread crumbs. 

Red Quinoa Pilaf - $6.00
With smoked chili coconut bacon & roasted lemon Dijon dressing.